JoJo a orange and red striped cat laying on a colourful blanket.

Safe Haven Stray Cat Policy

  1. When a cat arrives at the Safe Haven as a stray it is immediately checked for ID (collar and tag, tattoo, and microchip.)

    • If the cat has ID – we contact the owner right away.

      • If the ID information is not current, we make every attempt possible to contact the owners.

    • If the cat has a tattoo, we will contact the veterinary clinic that did the tattoo to get the owner’s information and contact them.

    • We scan stray cats for microchips and if it has one, we will contact the owner based on the information on the microchip.

    • If the cat does not have ID or the contact information is not current and we cannot locate the owner – we post a photo, description of the cat, and the area it was found to our social media and shared to local missing pet groups/pages.

  2. All strays are placed on a 4-day stray hold, which mirrors the BCSPCA policy. If it’s obvious that the cat needs immediate vet care, then we get them into the vet the same day for treatment.

  3. If a cat is not claimed after the 4-day hold, it is taken to the vet for a physical examination, vaccination, spay/neuter (if required) and treatment for parasites before going up for adoption.

    • We also monitor the cat during this time to assess it’s temperament in case it becomes adoptable.​

  4.  Finally, we put the cat up for adoption and find the best new home possible.

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